Events in the planning

These are some of the events under discussion or being planned at the moment. They'll be added to the calendar once the event is firmed up. If you have an event you'd like to add, please let us know. 

Here is a link to a google doc that contains expressions of interest. And also ideas generated during our last forum meeting. Please take a look. You can add comments but not alter this document.

Courses In The Park

We are planning courses on sustainability at Palmers Greenery in Broomfield Park.


Youth Showreel

Platinum Performing Arts will be working with school children on an Environment Day in August and videoing the outcome for the Festival.

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Your Carbon Footprint

We have a professional who will attend one of our events and assess the carbon footprint of that event and show how it can be done in Enfield.

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Swan Sanctuary

We are discussing with one of the Parks an event around the need for a swan sanctuary and information about why they are so important.

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Borough Litter Pick

The Beautiful Borough's Project are also discussing have a litter pick during the period of the Festival.

Tree Planting Worldwide

Local Soroptimists present the work taking place worldwide to plant trees. And the Enfield project. 

Crafts & Recycling

Stitch in Palmers Green will be holding an event to highlight the importance of craft and recycling.

Words Meet Art

We hope to have a collage of art and  poetry at one of our park events - organised through Enfield Poets.

Growing for Climate Change

North London Organic Gardeners will host a meeting on growing for climate change with a potential speaker who was a kitchen gardener at Kew Gardens.

What Is Sustainable Transport

We're planning a hosted online talk on sustainable transport  - particularly walking and cycling. Come along if you're keen to ditch the car and learn how to be more green.

Creative Café

A creative writing drop-in during the festival. Themes will be climate change, with a mix of writing prompts and some drawing - no writing experience required :)

FBS Chat On Climate Change

Family Based Solutions are planning one of their interesting chats during the Festival on Climate Change

Slopers Farm Open Day

We are discussion an Open Day at Slopers Farm in Stagg Hill and details will be available soon

Cricket On The Green

This is your chance to relax and enjoy cricket in an informal family friendly club, watching the Sunday friendly XI play. Provision of a good tea also features high on priority lists.

Tackling Food Waste - A Possible Meeting At Southgate College

Some members of EnCaf Youth are planning a project to dissolve the barriers between different communities and get everyone involved in an environmental community project through reducing food waste.


Interviews & Webinars

Climate change webinars and Interviews with community groups, creating a green Enfield.


Value of Eco Business

Video interviews with 8-10 local business owners on their environmentalism sustainability to help to increase interconnectedness.


Starting Green Businesses

With Enterprise Enfield, we're planning two events on how businesses can go green. Enterprise Enfield will contact members.


Online Resources

Those discussing Enfield's Blue/Green Strategy are hoping to publish by September a catalogue of online resources.

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A Dog Walk

The Jubilee & Enfield Chase Dog Training Clubs are planning an event in Forty Hall and Jubilee Park.

Value of Eco Businesses

Video showreel for the festival on local eco businesses, what is eco and why they chose to remain local.

Climate Change Poetry

Mary Duggan will be arranging poetry for the Festival: “pop-up poetry" with “barber” style harmony.

SOUP Ukelele Band

SOUP, a community ukelele band in north London, will design an event or an evening of music and poetry. 

Try a Bike

Organised by Better Streets for Enfield and the Enfield Cycling Campaign, the public can try different types of bike. Also seen at the Palmers Green Festival. 

Our Members of Parliament

We are writing to our MPs to invite them to attend a joint event to discuss the importance of COP26 and keeping to the Paris Agreement. One has already replied positively.

Friends of Hilly Fields

Alongside the litter pick on Sunday 19th June, the Friends of Hilly Fields are planning a trail/scavenger hunt for children, along with planting bluebells.  

A Month of Sundays

Enfield Council is Planning a Month of Sundays in August around Food & Drink and we hope to have some stalls there.

CAFOD Campaiging Meeting

CAFOD are currently organising a Campaigning meeting in  preparation for COP26 on Saturday 11th Sept on Zoom.

Palmers Greenery

Discussing a ltter pick in Broomfield Park combined with a video diary to highlight the rubbish that is often depositied there.


Open Air Theatre

Working with a community theatre we plan some open air theatre during the festival.


Net-zero Close to Home.

We'll be having a discussion with the Principal of Capel Manor on how we can all work towards carbon zero. This will be an online event. 

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A Tree Walk

We are discussing with one or two groups about an organised tree walk to help create awareness of the importance of trees.

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Walk & Litter Pick 

Pymmes & Salmon Brook are discussing having a walk together with a litter pick along the Brook. Date and time to be confirmed. 

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Bella Choir

Bella Choir is a community choir catering for all types of singers and will perform during the festival.

A Guided Walk

A guided walk around the London Loop tree planting area talking about why the planting is being done.

Bees & the Environment

The Beekeeper Society will have a stall to highlight what they do, and the importance of bees.

Guided Walk - Meridian Water

Better Homes Enfield is planning a walk of the proposed new park and greenspace at Meridian Water. 

Guided Bike Ride

Better Streets for Enfield and the Enfield Cycling Campaign are planning guided bike rides between key locations and highlighting key spots along the way.

Community Urban Wildlife Pond

We're hoping to create a wildlife pond in Tottenhall Rec. Something shallow and small but enough to encourage frogs, dragonflies and other wildlife into the area. 

Climate Change & Local Media

We hope on Sept 25th to hold a session where a panel from our local media and social networks will discuss the importance of local media at a time of climate change.

The Edmonton Incinerator

A meeting about The Edmonton Incinerator in Edmonton and involving some of those who made brilliant deputations to the NLWA.

5 minutes for Life

Need Inspiration? Information? Imagination? Or just Ideas to get you going. 4 weeks of bite size activities to take you to COP26 and beyond.

Bay Jazz Club

The Bay Jazz Club are keen to be part of our Festival and will probably play  on either September 14th or 28th. They will also speak about why they are getting involved.