Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival!


18th - 26th SEPTEMBER

In November (for COP26) world leaders will be meeting in Glasgow to decide the next steps to tackle climate change. This is probably the most critical meeting of the year. If we fail to agree a climate strategy this next November the future for our children and grandchildren will be very bleak.


EnCaf is supporting the national Climate Coalition’s nationwide Festival to highlight the climate emergency we are in and put further pressure on world leaders to act. Look out for activities happening across the borough from the 18th to the 26th September. 

More than 60 groups in the Borough have expressed an interest in being involved in a local festival for Enfield, and are keen to come together to try and make a difference. We'll have activities on and offline and will be taking all of the COVID safety precautions.


Please join us!

What's the plan?


We already have more than 100 individuals, groups and businesses interested in hosting or organising an event. This will be a widespread festival with support from our parks, green spaces, churches, mosques, community groups, schools, individuals and local businesses. All ideas and participation are very welcome. You can visit our Facebook Page for the most up-to-date information on the festival. Or keep checking our Festival Calendar. To find out what our demands are, ahead of COP26 in November, read the Climate Coaltion's 10 POINT PLAN FOR A GREEN, HEALTHY AND FAIR RECOVERY

Events in the planning - and some ideas for inspiration!


Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival

Calendar Of Events

Here you'll find a calendar of events as they are being posted. Some will change over time, but these are now in the Events' Schedule.

Events Under Discussion

These events are likely to happen and being discussed to finalise and arrange date, times and venue. Have an event to add? Let us know.

Ideas for Inspiration

These are some ideas from many people, you might find them useful. So if you're looking for inspiration, go to this Google Doc.