Our Webinars & Podcasts

Enfield Climate Action Forum

In January Enfield Climate Action Forum was launched with 50 organisation involved and many concerned individuals. It was a meeting buzzing with energy and wanting to make a difference locally.

The Edmonton Incinerator & Local Opposition

In this Webinar we interviewed Carina Millstone of the Stop the Incinerator campaign in Edmonton when we ask questions about whether incinerators are the right solution at a time of climate change.

Urban Parks & Climate Change Action Planning

In this webinar we interview Kim Lumley from the Friends of Broomfield Park - an attractive Park in the London Borough of Enfield about his ongoing discussions to collaborate with others to develop a strategy for Parks in the Borough.

Local Authorities & Climate Change 

In this Webinar we interview Councillor Victoria Pite about climate change. What can local authorities do to make a difference.

Enfield Council & Climate Change

In this webinar interview we talk to Elaine Graham Leigh from Extinction Rebellion and David Flint about the importance of local authorities declaring a climate emergency

Climate Change Ourselves & In Our Communities

In this webinar we talk to Charles Appleby about how we can address climate change in our own lives and in that of our communities. Charles believes that unless we do something about it, climate change will wreck the world as we know it

Ecocide Crime Against Humanity

In this webinar we talk to Anita van Rossam about Ecocide where damage against our planet is considered a crime against humanity.

Mobilising The Community In A Time Of Climate Change

In this Webinarwe we will be discussing with Emma Rigby and Adam Mcgibbon how they think civil society can contribute at such a time of crisis

Climate Change - Adaption, Mitigation & Geo Engineering

In this Webinar Simon Nicholson is interviewed about climate change and whether we will be able to meet the target set by the International Panel on Climate Change to reduce carbon emissions 

Making Business Green - Interview With Georgia Elliott Smith

In this webinar we interview Georgia Ellliott Smith on what a “green business” is and how you can make business green

Just One Tree Interview with Amanda Bronkhorst

In this webinar interview with Amanda Bronkhorst we discuss with her the social enterprise that she has established to develop an initiative that makes it simple for individuals, schools and businesses to collectively combat global warming.

Interview Adam McGibbon of Divest Enfield

Here Francis Seasley of Enfield Voices and GlobalNet21 interviews Adam McGibbon about the Divest Enfield campaign. This is a campaign to persuade the London Borough of Enfield to divest is investments in fossil fuels in the light of the crisis around climate change and growing pollution.

Community Energy and Climate Justice

In this Webinar we interview Camila Berens and Giovanna Speciale from SELCE about their project of providing community energy, addressing climate change and tackling fuel poverty.

The Biodiversity Of Life Interview with Alex Kagansky

Join this Conversation Across Borders Podcast where Nerina Finetto and Francis Sealey will interview Alex Kagansky on the biodiversity of life and how it is being threatened thus creating a crisis for humanity.

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