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A Whole Borough Approach To Climate Change Is Essential But Excluded From Enfield's Plan

Enfield Council through its own operations is responsible for under 2% of the Borough’s carbon emissions. The overwhelming majority of emissions comes from local industry, communities and households.

The Council’s Climate Change Plan wants the Borough to be carbon free by 2040 and lists the emissions from different segments of the Borough. That is good as identification and intention are both important. However it is not enough.

We need to know more fully how the Council plans to reduce carbons to zero in the Borough as a whole and what their step by step strategy is.

The Council has real potential to act as a catalyst for Borough wide reduction but how will they do it and what steps will they take?

These are all important questions and will involve a huge consultative and collaborative process in the Borough - something that the Council has been deficient in up until now.

So the first step is to set up that consultative and collaborative framework not unilaterally but in agreement with all the parties concerned. This takes time to do and should start from this moment on and it should be transparent so that we can all see the progress. The digital age makes that eminently possible and the Council should look how they do this.

The Council’s Climate Change Plan is an encouraging step on from the original Draft where there were doubts as to whether the Council would adopt a whole Borough approach to climate change. It is pleasing to see that they have but now they need to go further and to go further quickly.

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