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Adex Solar Social Enterprise UK

The aim of our Face to Face solar energy powered digital multi-media youth’s program is designed to enhance skills and gainful employment opportunity. A scalable people and Local Community focused initiatives, geared towards using solar energy products and services to generate income as well as providing training and education to inform, direct, create skills employment and business in public and private sectors across the 33 local governments in London and nation-wide.

This initiative will ensure the following benefits:- Alternative Energy Solar Powered Billboard in parks, youth centers, roadsides, in public and private sectors premises nationwide, Skills for Life, Solar power Installers, iCloud Wireless Usage, and Expansion, Maintenances Engineering, Multi-Media Sector Growths,  ICT Sector Growths, Up-skilling, Parks and Road-Side Beautification, Youth Employment & Green Economy expansion. This project has two innovative technology training aspect designed within it concept; Multi-media & Photovoltaics (PV). These two innovations are combined for this project uniqueness with clear quantitative and qualitative scalable new jobs creation for effective impact assessment that will stand any scrutiny.

The project aims to focus on using multimedia as a communication tool for young people lead business; developing renewable energy marketers for solar-powered products and services; train Solar panel and Billboard installers engineers; Solar power installers and services maintenance engineers; ensure data analysis skills to benefit and take advantage of innovative products and technology.  Using technology and innovation to embrace the importance of inner-city economic infrastructural development for socio-economic well-being with the ultimate goal of positioning the disadvantaged young inner-city people on the ladder of economic prosperity.

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