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Open Letter from David Flint To Cllr Dogan

Dear Cllr Dogan,

I am increasingly concerned at the waste problems becoming apparent following the COVID-19 lockdown and closure of Barrowell Green. Many residents, myself for one, reliy on Barrowell Green for the disposal of items too large for the bins or that simply exceeded their capacity. (Or, in my case, my capacity to make compost from oak leaves!) It seems inevitable that the closure of Barrowell Green will lead to more flyipping. I do not, of course, defend fly-tipping.

Please treat the following as formal requests for Environmental Information. A) Closure I recognise the difficulty in running any public service at the moment but why did you close Barrowell Green? Were you advised by suitably qualified officers or advisers that existing arrangements at Barrowell Green were unsafe? If so, who provided the advice? And will you publish it? B) Future I've looked at Imperial College's modelling work and its profoundly worrying. We do not face a 3 or 6 month problem but one that may last until we have a vaccine - that's probably 12-18 months. (The social distancing rules will almost certainly change - they may loosen and then tighten again.) We have to find ways to run essential services during this whole period. So the Council's aim should be to reopen Barrowell Green safely. That might involve similar methods to those employed by Sainsbury's - only half a mile away: restrict the number of cars/people on site at one time, protective PPE for staff, 2m markings on the ground, one-way flows for pedestrians. There may be better ideas.  What efforts has the Council made to find ways to operate safely? Has it consulted experts or other councils? Or users of the site? Yours sincerely, David Flint

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