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Enfield Cypriot Association

The name of the organisation is Enfield Cypriots Association (ECA) and is a voluntary unincorporated association. In this website the organisation will be referred to as ECA or the Association.

The Association was formed in 1982 and worked in an organised and systematic manner up until 1994. It did a lot of good work and some of its achievements are continued today by other independent organisations, which are essentially offshoots of ECA (e.g. Enfield Cypriot Elderly and Disabled Group). Then it gradually went into decline. 

It was re-activated in 1998 and reorganised on a new footing with a new Management Committee (MC) consisting of new and old members and restructured to serve the changed needs of the community for the benefit of all Cypriots of Enfield. The Association is unique in that it spans all age groups from all Cypriot communities and its work covers a broad range of services, events and activities.

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