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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The Green Party aims to create a just, equitable and sustainable society. We focus our efforts primarily, though not exclusively, through the electoral system.

The Green Party is a democratic organisation in which our members decide our policy, opening up politics to those outside the Westminster Establishment. Our members come from all walks of life; most of them are not professional politicians, but each of them can have a voice in how our policies are written, updated and amended. Thus, uniquely for any Westminster Party, you can directly affect this Policy Process by becoming a member. This policy process produces an organic and evolving document (known as Policies for a Sustainable Society or PSS) that reflects current priorities and principles. Our PSS changes twice a year as a result of our democratic process – the Spring and Autumn conferences of the Green Party are the supreme policy making body. For each General and European election we produce a manifesto – this sets out our immediate priorities and policy goals that Green representatives would pursue for the term of that Parliament. Each manifesto is based on our PSS and is prepared through an agreed consultative process within the Party.

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