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It was this love of Enfield that motivated me to give something back, especially to the people of the borough. This became my New Year’s resolution for 2018. A simple way of doing this was to create a social media site that would be both informative and helpful to the people of the local community.

The group is call ‘Enfield Matters’ and in just over two years it has built-up a following of nearly 8000 members from every part of the borough.

During this time, we managed to reunite owners with their dogs and cats. Bring together estranged families that have had no contact for years. We have helped people with simple domestic problems, but also more complex issues which through our contacts we have been able to refer to the London Borough of Enfield or councillors who could champion their cause. In many cases we have been amazingly successful in providing help to people and resolving issues that are important to them.

But, on a day to day basis we provide information on what is happening in the borough. Such as incidents that could affect residence, events at entertainment venues, new shops and business opening in the borough. But most importantly we help to put the people of Enfield in touch with each other more so now in these difficult times we are facing.

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