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Enfield’s Climate Change Plan - A Missed Opportunity

Enfield’s Climate Change Plan although tackling in house carbon emissions and looking primarily at in-house offsetting is a real lost opportunity.

Although the Council says it wants its climate change strategy to be embedded in every Department there is little evidence of this happening yet.

A comprehensive climate change strategy would synchronise with other important strategies of the Council like its poverty, land use and anti racist strategies - the latter because it is often people of colour who suffer most from climate change.

Boston City Council in the USA is an outstanding example of where this integration is taking place.

The city council put forth “Planning for a Boston Green New Deal & Just Recovery,” a 49-page report geared towards combatting the ramifications of climate change and its intersecting issues, ranging from affordable housing and economic opportunity to transportation and racial justice.

The report also highlights a need to eliminate the disparities exacerbated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which have hit low-income residents and communities of colour disproportionately harder than others — the same areas that will bear the brunt of climate-induced problems. The city must have a recovery plan that prioritises equity, the document says.

Boston has made its climate change strategy effectively a green deal that joins up all the relevant strategies of the Council to combat climate change and those who will be most affected and also to link it with the Covid 19 crisis as this has some similar impacts.

Unlike Enfield’s plan it also focuses on adaption as well as mitigation and also on the importance of community resilience.

Enfield has not done this and has no green deal that is comprehensive and all embracing. The Climate Change Plan of Enfield is limited in its vision and its recommendations and is sadly a missed opportunity.

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