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Enfield’s Climate Change Plan Failed To Include Community Energy.

Enfield’s Climate Change Plan Failed To Include Community Energy.

When I interviewed Duncan Law from Community Energy England he said that it was important that community energy should be an essential part of any local authority's climate change strategy.

Enfield Council’s Climate Energy Plan does not include community energy as part of the plan and this is a major omission. They imply that because the Edmonton incinerator turns waste into heat that this is community energy but as Duncan Law made clear this is not what community energy is at all about.

Community energy is about working with local communities collaboratively to develop community energy initiatives and Duncan Law cited Plymouth Council as a good model of how this can happen

“To tackle climate change and fight fuel poverty, Plymouth City Council worked in collaboration with the local community to establish the Plymouth Energy Community (PEC). This organization, owned by the community and run for the community, seeks to increase local ownership of energy infrastructure and undertakes projects to support households that are excluded from the energy system through fuel poverty.

PEC operates through a mix of community share funding, grants and external loans, with any profits flowing back into the community. Plymouth has become a true pioneer in the municipal energy transition, specifically in how local authorities can work with and nurture community efforts to improve energy efficiency and address social issues. Most importantly, PEC encourages residents to take charge of building a just city fit for future needs.”

Enfield has nothing like this in their Climate Change Plan and it is something that needs addressing with some urgency.


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