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Palmers Green Community

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Welcome to the Palmers Green Community website. Our aim is to promote inclusive, locally rooted and accountable community organisations made up of people who care about the quality of life in Palmers Green and surrounding areas and have ideas about how it can be turned into an even better place in which to live, work, study and visit - and of course enjoy an enriching social life.

There are already many groups and websites working towards such a vision - our aim is not to replace them, but to serve as a portal directing people towards them, and also to act as a focus for discussions about those aspects of life in Palmers Green that currently have no online home.

Our website gives you new opportunities to play a part in the Palmers Green Community:

Start a new Forum topic or have your say on an existing topic. Register and fill in information about yourself so that others can start to collaborate with you on projects of mutual interestIf you help run a community group that doesn't have a website, get in touch and we might be able to create some pages for you on our websiteDo you have an idea for a new community group?  

Why not post your ideas to our Forum so that you can find other people who'll help you set it up.Let us know about any community groups or community events that aren't already listed in the

Visit their website here ..

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