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Questions from EnCAF and others to Enfield Council

These are the questions that Encaf will be putting to the Enfield Council Climate Change Task Force

The climate emergency is an ever more urgent reality and we welcome the Council’s commitment to a target of zero emissions by 2030. This is a profoundly important journey for all of us in Enfield and we are excited to help the council achieve this vital goal as smoothly and rapidly as possible.


LBE is directly responsible for only 2% of borough emissions. Why does the strategy focus on the 2% rather than the 98%? What plans does the Council have to reduce emissions NOT under its control?

The climate emergency requires rapid and profound changes in our economy. Why does the Council prefer that Enfield should be a laggard in moving to the low-carbon economy? Some UK Councils (eg Haringey, Wandsworth, Nottingham, Stroud and Warwick) have made very rapid progress in addressing the climate emergency. Have you made contact with these councils? What have you learnt from them?

How soon will the council limit its purchases of goods and services to suppliers with a strong record on emissions reduction?


The emissions embodied in building materials are the single largest part of the Council’s scope 3 emissions. What will the Council do, at Meridian Water and more broadly, to require the use of low-carbon building materials?

Building retrofit is bedevilled by biased advice and poor work. What steps will the Council take to ensure that residents and building owners have access to well-informed, independent advice on energy saving measures?

How quickly will the Council tighten the Buildings Regs to require passivhaus or equivalent?

Gas is responsible for 70% of domestic emissions. Will the council ban the installation of gas boilers in new homes before the national ban comes into force?


What evaluation has the Council made of the scope to replace physical meetings with teleconferencing? Are the Council’s teleconferencing facilities adequate?

Electric vehicles will play a key part in reducing transport emissions. What steps will the Council take to ensure that people without off-street parking can easily recharge their electric cars?

Only one bus route through Enfield is run by low-emission busses. Will the Council press TfL to bring in lower emission buses throughout Enfield (indeed, London)?

Energy Generation

What steps is the Council taking to de-carbonise its own energy sources and those of Enfield residents and organisations?

What plans does it have to install solar panels on its own buildings? What will it do to encourage others in the borough to do the same?

Is there scope to install wind turbines on farm land or in the borough’s industrial areas for use by the businesses there?

Will the Council consider purchasing energy from a firm dedicated to supply of renewable energy to help boost that sector?


How does the Council expect to increase the recycling rate? How much and by when?

Will the Council ensure that all Enfield pupils learn about the climate emergency?

What is the council’s strategy for planting trees in the borough? How does it plan to safeguard these trees for future generations?

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