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The Palmers Green Mosque

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The Muslim Community and Education Centre (MCEC) & Palmers Green Mosque, was formed in 1995 and is a charitable incorporated organisation (No. 1156440). Muslim community development, through the provision of a place of worship and providing Islamic education, has been the primary objective and activity of this organisation. Since its formation it has brought together Muslims of various ethnicities that reside in North London. MCEC is proud of its appeal to the diverse British Muslim communities that originate from the UK, Europe, Turkey, Cyprus, Middle East, Mauritius, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Far East. The make up of the Trustees and Management Board reflect this diversity.

The North London Boroughs of Enfield & Barnet have a combined population of approximately 668,852 of which an estimated 88,885 (13.3%) people are Muslims (Office of National Statistics; Census 2011). MCEC recognised the need to provide services for it diverse community based upon Islamic teachings and values.

The organisation began from a private residence in Palmers Green in December 1993, providing much needed Friday, Ramadan Tarawih and Eid prayers and well as Islamic education for children from a small pre-fabricated hut in its garden.

In April 1996, by the Grace of Allah, and with the help of donations from local Muslims, MCEC was able to purchase Oakthorpe Sports Ground in Palmers Green for £115,000. Full planning permission for the building of a mosque and community centre was obtained on 6 April 1999.

Work for the mosque and community centre commenced on 12 April 2000. With the aim of generating further continued support from our humble beginning, a decision was made to construct the building in stages. By the Grace of Allah, and the dedication of local Muslim Community through the provision of donations and professional services, the mosque & centre gradually took shape over a number of years. Each stage of the build was executed and soon as enough money was raised to fund it. To date we have raised and spent just under £2million towards the building of our centre including the cost of the land.

Although the whole process of getting to where we are today took us a long time, whilst saving money along the way, the centre holds a unique place in the hearts of its long serving community, who have watched the centre being built and grow gradually in front of their eyes. We regard this sense of belonging and community spirit as the cornerstone of our establishment.

The vast majority of our centre is now complete, nevertheless we depend on the continued support from our congregation to help run and maintain our facilities and fund future religious, social and educational activities

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