EnCaf Speakers' Corner

Here is a list of speakers available to schools, colleges and other organisations. During Covid many of them will be able to speak online, so let us know if you want a speaker and we will put you in contact.

Adrija Biswas

Ardija is a survivor of 2001 and was there when two passenger planes were flown into the towers, ultimately bringing them down killing over 3,000.

Now holding a high position in an International Bank Ardija has found her inspiration in fighting for women’s rights across the globe. She is the “Ambassador of Peace” bestowed by the Universal Peace Federation United Nations. 

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David Flint

Author of two books and many reports on IT and related issues, since retirement he has played an increasingly active part in the Green Party including standing for the local Council and for Parliament and contributing to various publications.

David is a founding member of EnCaf and knowledgeable on carbon emissions and how to monitor them.

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Emma Rigby

Emma Rigby successfully started the largest social network in Enfield - LYDS (or Love Your Doorstep). She also initiated a volunteer project on community safety and an equally impressive one to help those in need during the Covid crisis. She is now working with others to socially map community activity in Enfield. Emma has become deeply knowledgeable about community engagement.

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Zoey Cooper

Zoey has wide experience in marketing and branding and has always been interested in the environment. But it was not until she joined an XR demonstration on Waterloo Bridge in 2019 that she fully realised the seriousness of climate change. Concluding that if we do not take action now - and not in a few years time - then humankind could well be heading for mass extinction. The Sixth Extinction of life that our planet has known in its history. But the first for humankind. Zoey gives regular talks for XR on Heading for Extinction - and what we can do about it. And is a member of the core team of Enfield Climate Action Forum.

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Amanda is founder of JUST ONE Tree. After 20 years as a freelance producer, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, Amanda made an unexpected career change because of the climate emergency, and was inspired to take positive action.

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Enfield RoadWatch

Enfield RoadWatch has campaigned for protecting the Green Belt which was created to protect the countryside as a vital economic resource for food security and soil protection as well as a resource available to us all. They will offer speakers to those interested. 

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Rob Wilson

Liberal Democrat Candidate Enfield Southgate in 2019 General Election.

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Vicki Pite

Vicki Pite was Councillor in the London Borough of Enfield and has had many years' experience of local government. She is also interested in climate change and believes that local government can play an important part in tackling climate change.

Vicki was the Councillor who introduced the motion to Enfield Council that the Council should declare a climate emergency and after three efforts she was finally successful.


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Elaine Graham-Leigh

Elaine Graham-Leigh is a political campaigner, with a particular interest in climate change. She's also a medieval historian who writes science fiction. She is a member of Counterfire and has written widely for www.counterfire.org on a range of political issues.

Elaine has just had her latest book published - "Marx And The Climate Crisis".

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Melanie Smith

Melanie is a United Reformed Church Minister in Enfield. Two of her churches have achieved Bronze ‘Eco Church’ status - the third is looking to set up a community garden. Her passion for the environment is life-long and she does her best to practise what she, literally, preaches!  

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Francis Sealey

Francis Sealey was a Producer and Executive Producer for many years working for both the BBC Open University and the Community Programmes Unit. He has been active in politics and community action for most of his life, being a Parliamentary Candidate in 1974 and founder and activist in a number of social & community networks. In 2007 he founded GlobalNet21 to get people to engage in the big issues facing us. He is a founding member of EnCaf.

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Jenny Edwards

Jenny is Director of Thriving Minds, promoting positive steps to promote mental health and wellbeing and is involved in activities to help the transition to a regenerative world. She is a member of the core team of Enfield Climate Action Forum and has a keen interest in Natural World Mindfulness and Mindful Photography. A member of international networks Jenny is also a shareholder activist and was awarded a CBE in 2011 for her work for disadvantaged people. Jenny is involved in digital creative projects, performs her poetry online - often with an environmental theme.

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Catriona Leggatt

Catriona is a local spokesperson for The Women's Equality Party - a feminist political party set up in the United Kingdom in 2015.The party's mission statement opens with: "Equality for women isn't a women's issue. When women fulfil their potential, everyone benefits. Equality means better politics, a more vibrant economy, a workforce that draws on the talents of the whole population and a society at ease with itself.

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Bernie Rees

Born in 1951, Bernie came to Enfield in 1983. Since 1976, he has worked in several countries with communities and voluntary groups, aiming to find ways in which they can do more themselves and become more self-reliant. He has practised Permaculture from 1994 when Siobhan, another student, showed him her Sunpower Garden at Trent Park (when it was still Middlesex University). Permaculture is a process of careful deliberate design working with Nature, with People and promoting fair shares - go slowly, do less damage and learn from mistakes. The results can be profound, surprising and highly productive. Would you like to find out more? Contact us and we'll put you in touch with Bernie to fix a time for a visit.

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Nicolas Kee Mew

Nicolas Kee Mew is the Winner of The Dementia Care Inspiring Leader (National Dementia Care Awards) 2017 and a qualified Dementia Care Mapper from Bradford University.


Nicholas has given many presentations and some for the Kings Fund. He is a member of the EnCaf Network and believes it important to include care homes in EnCaf as climate change will almost certainly disproportionately affect older people.

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Charles Appleby

Charles Appleby is one of the founders of N0CO2 which is part of the International NGO Saving Our Planet. Its mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince World Leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority. He believes action by people and businesses worldwide is essential.

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Georgia Elliot Smith

Georgia Elliott-Smith is an Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist and environmental engineer. She lives in Enfield with her husband and two kids. An environmental engineer and UNESCO Special Envoy for Youth & the Environment, Georgia enjoys gin & tonic, attending XR protests and bothering MPs for justice. Georgia has taken the government to court over the Edmonton Incinerator on the grounds that it breaches the Paris accord on climate change.

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Lindsay Rawlings

Lindsay Rawlings is a Councillor on the London Borough of Enfield and is the Shadow Spokesperson for Environment. Lindsay can speak about the workings of the Council  and their responsibilities over the Environment and Climate Change.

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Kim Lumley

Kim is active with the Friends of Broomfield Park. They very much recognise the value and importance of our parks for the local and wider environment, the enjoyment, health and well-being of our communities and in helping ameliorate the adverse effects of climate change.

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Lynda was a drama teacher for many years in schools and Pupil Referral Units. She created Acting Out, a therapeutic drama project working with vulnerable children using creative drama and story. With Islington Virtual School, she trained foster carers and became a foster carer thus gaining insight into the needs of vulnerable Looked After young people. She is now the Artistic Director of Tottenham Theatre - a community-based theatre project. Lynda is also active in the Enfield Against Racism campaign.

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Katie English

Katie graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2020 with an MSc in Environment, Politics and Society. After discovering the story of Ella Kissi-Debrah, she was determined to focus her studies on air quality and pollution in London. Katie's thesis entitled ‘London’s Toxic Air Health Crisis: A Study of Local Resistance to the Environmental, Social and Health Injustices Produced by the Edmonton Incinerator’ investigates how locals are resisting the choices made by the NLWA in managing and disposing of waste. Exploring the practices and mentalities of local activists ignited her passion for environmentalism.


Katie is interested in spreading awareness about air quality and the detrimental impacts of carbon emissions on our livelihoods and the surrounding environment. An inclusive interdisciplinary and intergenerational vision is required to address the climate emergency. This starts in the hearts of local communities. 

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