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Who are we? 

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We're an action group created to confront the emergency that climate change imposes on us all.


In the Paris Agreement almost all the nations of the Earth agreed to hold "the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels". We are currently heading for a 3 to 4% rise in temperature by the end of this century. This increase will be a global catastrophe. 

Tackling this has to be a community-wide effort. We network, build partnerships, form working groups, exchange information and good practice. You don’t need to be an expert to join us. Many of us aren't, but we listen to others, read, discuss and get better informed.

More than 100 groups in the Borough are keen to come together to try and locally make a difference. Our Forum meets regularly to exchange information, network and decide on critical action points. Please join us!

Residents asked to urgently back new move to delay incinerator contract signature

Environmental campaigners are asking members of the public to write urgently to the Mayor of Enfield in support of a move by a group of councillors aimed at delaying final signature of the contract for construction of a new waste incinerator at the Edmonton Eco-Park.

The North London Waste Authority agreed to proceed with the contract at its meeting on 16th December. A "cooling-off period" during which the decision can be rescinded ends on 18th January and opponents of the incinerator project hope to persuade the Mayor to agree to convening an extraordinary full council meeting before that date in order to debate a motion which would withdraw Enfield Council's support for signing the contract.

In order for the meeting to be convened in time it is necessary for the Mayor to to act before 5pm on Friday 7th January, so concerned residents will need to email the Mayor urgently.

In addition to environmental and health concerns (the incinerator will emit toxic particulate matter and large quantities of greenhouse gases) the councillors have strong doubts about the project's value for money.

The following appeal to Enfield residents has been issued by Enfield Climate Action Forum: Read on here

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‘Friends groups launch manifesto asking councillors to prioritise Enfield’s parks ahead of 2022 local elections’

Friend’s groups across the borough of Enfield have come together for the first time to collectively ask everyone standing in 2022’s council election to commit to protecting and enhancing Enfield’s green spaces.

The Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have highlighted how important local, easily accessible green spaces are to the mental and physical health of Enfield’s residents. Further to this, greater awareness of the climate crisis and the impact of years of destruction of the UK’s natural habitat has resulted in more people wanting to protect green existing spaces and grow precious native natural habitats.

However, there have been concerns by many volunteers in local community groups that warm words on the importance of green spaces have not been met with action and investment by councillors of all political parties and none. Green spaces are not a nice to have, they are essential to the wellbeing of all Enfield residents.

The Enfield Friends’ Collective has therefore launched the ‘Love Our Parks’ Manifesto. We ask all those standing for election to sign our manifesto and talk with Friends groups in their area about what they would do to put the manifesto commitments in to action if elected/re-elected in May 2022.

See The Manifesto here ...


In September this year, we joined with The Climate Coalition to be part of the Great Big Green Week - a huge call for action on climate change. And it was a great success. COP26 starts on 31st October - find out what our demands are and read the Climate Coaltion's 10 POINT PLAN FOR A GREEN, HEALTHY AND FAIR RECOVERY.

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If you're concerned about the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, why not come along to a forum and meet a network of like-minded locals? If you're ready to sign-up now, download our form or use this link.


You can also check out our Facebook page where we'll be posting about upcoming events and webinars. And we have a new LinkedIn page now too.