Working Group Papers

Land Use Group


EnCaf's Response To Enfield's Draft Local Plan 2039

EnCaf's response to Enfield's Blue Green Strategy

Enfield's Green Belt is at risk

A land assessment by Enfield Council shows that the Green Belt is at risk of  being built on. In this report, EnCaf's Land Use Group sets out the reasons why building on Enfield’s Green Belt is unnecessary and would be a huge mistake. 

Consultation On Enfield’s Climate Action Plan

We thought we should reply to the Council’s call for consultation on their climate action plan and comments have to be in by Sept 5th. Rather than write long papers we thought we would make some specific points about the successes, deficits and omissions in the plan. Here is a draft we are working on.

Waste Group


Summary of recycling project - March 2021

Tony's Tips Issue #1 - please download the pdf 

Tony's Tips Issue #2 - please download the pdf

Tony's Tips Issue #3 - please download the pdf

The group, led by Tim Behean, has put together the attached response to the very interesting comments made on Tuesday 29th by members of EnCaF. 

Emmissions Working Group