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About EnCaf

We're tackling climate change locally


How did it start?

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) began in January 2020 with a group  of local residents who wanted the London Borough of Enfield to respond effectively to the climate emergency. It has now expanded to include more than 100 organisations in the Borough.

The forum was set up by a number of people (citizens and councillors) who believed that combatting climate change is a whole community concern. We have started working on strategy to see how Enfield can reduce its carbon footprint. And our members have set up various Working Groups (Business, Emissions, Pollution, Education, Land Use and Waste) to help achieve our collective ambition. 

EnCaf is a great example of a local initiative - perhaps the first of its kind - a civil society forum based around climate change.

What do we care about? 

  • We value collaboration with anyone concerned with climate change.

  • We want to effect practical, evidence-based measures that will contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation within the Borough. 

Our aims are

  • To monitor, feed back to and work with the Local Authority.

  • To involve the whole community in the changes needed.

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Our Activities

Encaf has a core group that meets regularly on Zoom to discuss and develop activities. The organisational membership and supporters meet monthly to discuss direction and focus. We also have a number of Working Groups our members are encouraged to explore and join. You can find out more on our Facebook page, too. 

Our Newsletter

We publish regular newsletters to keep people informed not only about EnCaf activities but also about the activities of our members and supporters. These newsletter are produced once or twice a month and you can sign up to receieve copies. If you'd like to get involved with the newsletter or other EnCaf comms, please let us know.