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Check out our YouTube channel (and the events calendar) for the most up-to-date podcasts and webinars. Here you'll find everything from interviews with local councillors and MPs to chats with climate activists and Enfield residents. What do we have in common? A shared concern about our future and that of our children and grandchildren given the seriousness of the impending climate catastrophe.




We meet monthly (and on Zoom for the time being) to share climate-related books we've read; films or videos we've watched; podcasts we've listened to. There's no fixed agenda or content to read ahead of the sessions. We're also devoting part of our meeting to planning for the Climate Festival in September.


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There are several Working Groups that have formed or are in the process of being set up. They are: Land Use, Emissions, Pollution, Education, Waste and Business. You can find out more about them and the papers they have published, on our blog page.


To find out more about our Working Groups, or to set up another group, please drop us a line.

EnCaf Youth

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EnCaf Youth joins efforts to influence COP26

Members of EnCaf Youth met at the end of February 2021 to discuss how they could influence the world summit C0P26 that is taking place in November this year.

Theo Sergiou from the Youth Parliament and a local Enfield resident explained that on March 3rd representative of young people will be meeting to decide on what their priorities are for the Summit - as young people had already indicated that their number one priority was climate change.

Theo asked Enfield Youth to be involved and come up with their recommendations. So there was an initial discussion and the focus was on incineration and its emissions that contribute to climate change and recycling. They will now be refining these into definite proposals.

On March 3rd the final list of all proposals will be determined and a petition they hope will reach over 25,000 young people will be launched for submission to Government. You can see Theo's presentation below.