Our Events

June Online Forum

Our Next meeting of the Enfield Climate Action Forum is on Wednesday June 24th commencing at 7.0pm. We will discuss general progress and then split into 3 "breakout groups" to discuss and create action points on

  • Faith In The Community & Climate Change

  • Green Spaces & Climate Change Strategy

  • Transport & Climate Change

Developing Strategy

When the Enfield Climate Change Task Force meets on March 19th, Enfield Climate Action Forum is prepared with questions and comments to feed into the Council’s climate change strategy.


EnCaf met in early March to develop ideas in a cafe style discussion to supplement the work we have already done as well as that done bye our individual member organisations many who have already been active.


EnCaf developed working groups around housing, transport and energy that provide some important ideas that can now be incorporated into the work we have already done

House of Commons Meeting

In March Feryal Clark the new MP from Enfield North hosted a discussion on Climate Change and The Role Of Civil Society with Enfield Climate Action Forum

With ten years to make a difference in addressing the emergency of climate change the role of civil society is important. Change cannot just be left to national and local governments as climate change affects the community as a whole


Speakers addressed the issue of how civil society can make a difference by acting collectively and also engaging government at both a national and local level to act decisively.

Enfield Climate Action Forum Launch

In January Enfield Climate Action Forum was launched with 50 organisation involved and many concerned individuals. It was a meeting buzzing with energy and wanting to make a difference locally


Many ideas were developed and these are now becoming action points to tackle and address climate change in Enfield. Since the meeting EnCaf has grown and it is a great example of a local initiative perhaps the first of its kind - a civil society forum based around climate change.

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